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our team has a wealth of skills and experience

We are a diverse team of tech enthusiasts and developers spanning across NZ, Aus & Europe. Established in 2014, we are an agile technology partner providing both tech consulting, custom software development and off-the-shelf solutions. We operate across three areas of expertise in Webtools Health, Webtools Energy, and Webtools Agriculture. We help organisations become more profitable, robust and easier to manage.  

Webtools has a talented pool of developers with a diverse set of skills, allowing us to develop and support full stack systems consisting of intuitive user interfaces driven by powerful and integrated back-ends.

Webtools Energy was acquired by Agility CIS in 2020, including its products and staff.


Back-end development

API & integrations

App development

Data security & compliance

Server management

Our team

Brett O'Donnell

CEO, Webtools

cross-fit amateur

Harry Hawke

CEO, Webtools Health

barista in training

Kenda Styles

Senior Consultant

  travel addict

Benjamin Teycheney

National Business Solutions Manager

self proclaimed weber master chef

Melissa Baer

CEO- Agriculture
Marketing & Sales Manager

Farmer turned tech geek

Hamish O'Donnell

Project Manager, Energy AUS

brett's brother

Amanda Cockcroft

Project Manager, Energy NZ

scuba girl

Grant (Doc) Miller

Dev Ops Manager, Health

cricket stats man

Helen Shorthouse

Media & Communications Manager

  passionate story teller

Jen Plumridge

Project Manager

husky lover

Daniel Hall



Jacob Brittenden

Financial Controller

bass fanatic 

Pascal Tasso

Business Development Manager

smiling islander

Jack Kilmartin

Software Designer

can put a duvet cover on

Nicky Paterson

Test Manager

  chief multi-tasker

Mark O'Donnell

Business Analyst

Not of the Hawkes Bay O'Donnell Clan

Andrew McAnergney

Business Analyst

a life behind (bike) bars

Harpreet Sidhu

Project Manager, AUS

Dumplings lover

Jemma Penelope

Business Analyst


Will Smithies

Blockchain Specialist

  south island map

William Zhang

Senior Developer


Karl Donaldson

Chief Technology Officer , Health


Byron Adams

Lead Developer, Health

  FPV pilot

Jonathan Guo

Lead Developer, NZ

cuts code 24/7

Fernando Guedes

Senior Developer


Marius Nabal

Senior Developer

first ever webtools dev

Elena Kondrateva

Senior Developer

outdoor enthusiast

Brenn Rayos

Intermediate Developer

extra rice please

Al Duncan

Client Partnership Director

Bruce Aldridge

Senior Developer

shorts only

Luke Jurg

Senior Developer

proper Australian

Dmytro Veselov

Intermediate Developer

lip sync volunteer

James Hill

Senior Developer

fake Australian

Paul Kibblewhite

Senior Developer

golf addict

Hugo Chen

Intermediate Developer

street food hunter

Chris Domigan

Lead Developer, Agriculture

Phil Gruber

Senior Developer


Ben Yang

Senior Developer

android die-hard

Ezra Sharp

Intermediate Developer


Rahul Kakkar

Test Engineer


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Our team has a wealth of skills and experience