Introducing Ento

IoT devices are predicted to reach a colossal 30 billion devices by the year 2020. The IoT (or internet of things) is a network of connected devices, that can wirelessly communicate with each other without the need for human involvement.

Last year we initiated one of our most exciting projects yet, ENTO - a company specialising in IoT development.

IoT technology gives us the ability to monitor, in real-time the status of assets. Our IoT devices allow for an external sensor to be attached to measure environmental factors.

Crikit Device Monitoring Traffic Light Alignment, Bearing and Tilt

ENTO currently has two IoT devices in the pipeline, the Crikit and Ladybird. The unit itself can monitor a myriad of features including:

  • The status of gates & doors for security and access control purposes.
  • The GPS location, and orientation of assets using a low powered GPS chip and external antenna.
  • An external soil moisture probe can be attached to the Crikit to monitor soil moisture levels, at multiple points on areas such as farms or gardens.
  • An environmental sensor can be attached to the Crikit to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure.
GPS Dashboard

All of these great features are all able to be monitored on our ENTO dashboard. Users can configure alerts to be sent via SMS, email alerts and notifications.

Through ENTO we have captured the attention of notable NZ and Australian companies such as Spark NZ, Meridian Energy, NZTA, Citycare & Traffic Technologies AU. These companies have been trialling our IoT devices to monitor and keep track of their assets.

Check out for more information on our devices, or to register your interest with us!

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Published on:

Thursday, May 31, 2018